Can cellphone cameras match a DSLR?

Modern technology has tried its best to make cellphones cameras work to produce amazing photos. The big question is, are cell phone cameras capable of taking out the DSLR cameras? Then let’s have look at why DSLR cameras will never be compared to Cell phone cameras.

DSLR camera


To understand the big difference that exists between the cell phone cameras and the DSLR, then you must have a look at the different specs in a digital camera that make it more unique.

The sensor size

One fact about the DSLR camera is the big sensor size. The sensor size of a DSLR camera is relatively larger. While the phone sensors are small. This means that cell phone cameras will never match the DSLR until they have sensors same size as the DSLR.

DSLR cameras are about 4 to 5 times larger than the phone cameras. The ideal camera for any professional photographer out there.
Based on how the camera works.The larger the sensor the more light it captures. This means that DSLR cameras are luckily to provide you with higher quality pictures at the end of the session.


At times people go for phone cameras because of the megapixel count, which is very wrong. One cannot compare the results of a photo taken by Nokia 808 Pure view and the Nikon D3200. But Nokia 808 Pure view is equipped with 41-Megapixel but the Nikon D3200 has only 24-Megapixels.

A photo taken by the Nikon D3200 will prove to be more clean and clear, compared to the one taken by the Nokia 808. This is because of the large sensor on the DSLR camera that makes it invincible.

Do you think the smartphones will take the place of the amazing DSLR cameras? Only time will take what the future has to offer. But as for now DSLR cameras still have the crown.